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Good Morning Campers!! Yesterday I travelled by train from Dublin to Galway. I walked the two miles from my hotel to the train station, with my luggage rolling behind me. Note to self - TAKE A TAXI!!!! The sidewalks are old brick pavers and give that constant reminder you are not in the states, but they are also difficult to roll your suit case on.


So when I arrived in Galway - I hailed a taxi! Good thing I did, my hotel is off the beaten path and it was down pouring rain. You will never guess who my taxi driver was -- The Former Mayor of Galway! Here they elect their Mayor for a one year term, so my driver was last years' Mayor!! He told me Chicago is Galway's sister city and he was downtown last year for a conference! He liked out town, but found the beer to be very expensive.


This cutie asked me to take her picture with her friend

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16,479 steps Later!!

Finally after a full day of walking the streets of Dublin ... Time for Dinner and some Local Music!


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Prince Charles In DUBLIN??? REALLY????

So I'm walking all over today, and I noticed several police cars race by me.... all with lights flashing.... and I had a flash back to my trip to Florence in 2015 when I kept running into the President of Italy!!

Then the bus driver told me what was going on -- Prince Charles was in town -- VISITING! I can't believe in all the days he could choose to visit Dublin, our itineraries would collide!! Thank Goodness he stayed out of my way.... I got to see Trinity College and the Book of Kells in peace!


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Friday in Dublin

It's raining!

Today I started my tour of Dublin looking for the the Castle that was is suppose to be across the street from hotel. I have walked by where it is suppose to be according to my map... I see the City Hall.... street.... more buildings... but no Castle. You would think an entire Castle would be hard to miss!! So today I was determined to find it!! But first - COFFEE!! The man at the front desk directed me to an awesome coffee shop by day...pub by night 90_IMG_0934.jpg90_IMG_0933.jpg90_IMG_0932.jpg90_IMG_0931.jpg90_IMG_0930.jpg

After an amazing Cafe Latte I headed out on my quest! I walked from my hotel to City Hall... no castle! Took a tour of City Hall....

and when I came out this time -- I decided to walk down this dead end street and take a look around --- Sure enough -- the Castle was hidden behind the buildings!! I found this sign

My first Castle!!!

So I ate lunch in the Castle ... BLT and of course a another Cafe Latte!!! And a walk around the gardens...






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Walking around the streets of Dublin - can't believe I'm here!!!


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